Peachy Pink Front Door

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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Autumn leaves and Pumpkins Please! You guys...I'm so ready for Fall! Even though the weather isn't cooperating, I'm still hoping Fall will get here soon. In the meantime, I painted my front door a peachy-pink color and I'm loving. I'm very thankful my husband let me, haha. I've been painting all my old pumpkins pink, peach, coral and white. I ended up using the paint color "Glee" for my front door and it's a perfect peachy-pink. I started out painting it "noble blush" which was a bit too rose colored, so I painted over it with "Glee". I used a paint brush but I believe a mini roller would give you a smoother paint finish. As for the pumpkins, I used paint brushes and painted a couple of coats to make sure they were covered. 

Above is the color "Glee". It's not too orange and not too pink. It's definitely the perfect peachy-pink.

This was the first color I chose in "Noble Blush" but it was just too rose pink for me.

I usually buy a few cheap dollar store table cloths and use them as drop cloths, that way you can just throw them away as soon as your done with your project!

This is the first coat of paint. It definitely needed two coats to look completely covered!

The finished look!!! I absolutely love it! What do you guys think?

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Gilmore Girls

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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Who loves Gilmore Girls? Luke's Diner, Coffee Coffee Coffee, Lorelai & Rory, and the list goes on and on! What's your favorite episode? Are you Team Dean, Team Jess or Team Logan? So many questions....I found this adorable t shirt on Ebay and I'm loving it! My mug was a gift from a friend and it's one of my favorites besides my Rae Dunn of course. Where have you found fun memorabilia from the show Gilmore Girls?

Here's the link to my Gilmore Girls Luke's Diner T shirt!

gilmore girls


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Apple Roses - A Fall Favorite

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Apple Roses! The perfect Fall dessert to add in to your dessert routine! The best part is...they're not too hard to make! All you need is: Puff Pastry, apples, cinnamon, strawberry jam, honey, and lemon juice. Just follow the recipe above, light a Fall candle, grab a cozy blanket and enjoy this delicious dessert next to a warm fire!

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Fall Vibes

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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 Happy Tuesday Friends! This week, I've got Fall on my mind and painting all the pumpkins peachy-pink, pink, and white! I just used leftover wall paint and found that using a paint brush works much better than a sponge brush. I painted 2 coats of pain on each pumpkin and it seemed to completely cover them. I'm spray painting the stems with rose gold spray paint. (It's actually a copper spray paint but it looks rose gold and I love it!) I'm planning on painting my front door a peachy-pink color too! So stay tuned! And of course how cute is this adorable ghost mug! Link is in my Like to Know It! Follow me @BeautifulInspireCo on the Like To Know It app!

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