Pantry Organizaton

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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 Pantry Organization

Here's a little look into my pantry organization methods! I absolutely love the look of organized shelves and closets! I only wish every one of my shelves and closets were this organized! I'll just keep tackling it one room at a time! I really wanted a neat and organized and aesthetically pleasing pantry! We leave the sliding barn door open all the time, so I needed it to be organized. I decide mason jars would be perfect for all my dry goods such as flour, sugar, powdered sugar, etc. and if you're wondering why I have so many, it's because we cook from scratch a lot! So we have many different kinds of flours, sugars etc., such as gluten-free flours, coconut flour, coconut sugar, etc. 

I thought it be good to have baskets lining the shelves for snacks, chips, cereals, and grab-n-go lunch snacks. With the help of it turned out amazing! I'm absolutely loving my sea grass baskets from them! They're perfect for storing all of our snacks! And if you'd like to get some of their amazing products for 20% off, they gave you a coupon code: BEAUTIFULINSPIRECO


These cereal dispensers are seriously amazing! Now our mornings are even easier thanks to HoneyCanDo . You just put your bowl under the dispenser, twist the knob a few times and then you have yourself a perfect bowl of cereal! #honeycando

You can find a fun do it yourself restock and refill video here:

Pantry Organization

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